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The Systems You Need Today to Grow Your Practice



The Systems You Need Today to Grow Your Practice

If you’re like most dentists or dental specialists, you’ve probably tried several ways to motivate your staff and grow your practice.  

 … and with each new person you hire or strategy you attempt, you end up right back where you started, no matter how much you thought “this time will be different!”


I get it, it’s super frustrating and disappointing, right?


The bad news:  Unfortunately, ​many doctors/practice owners fail at keeping their staff fully engaged and motivated to help grow the practice and generate more revenue. The doctor works more hours, gets little/no results and is still dealing with the headache of constant staff turnover.


The good news:  There’s a reason why doctors/practice owners fail. This "why" can easily become the catalyst to your future success.

You see, while the doctor might work harder, hire more staff to grow the practice or find just the right person to fill a position, the doctor neglects the most important part of the equation...the "organizational systems" they need to have in place for their staff, their practice and their patients.


Having run my own practice for over 38 years now and mentoring other practice owners, helping them grow their practices, I’ve identified these three common mistakes...


Mistake #1:​  Not properly communicating job details, expectations and exact desired results, which just creates frustration for both the practice owner and the staff member.


Mistake #2​:  Having NO system in place for rewarding staff members who do produce the desired results. This results in a lack of production and low office morale.


Mistake #3: ​ Relying primarily on income from the insurance companies who do not pay the full value of your services and, more often than not, decide which procedures a patient will receive!

That’s why I am hosting a FREE webinar 

“The Systems You Need Today to Grow Your Practice.”

This one-hour webinar will provide you with the tools you need to grow your practice ​so you can have a happier, more productive staff and increase revenue in your practice, while working less! I will teach you some simple procedures and plans that you can implement in your practice immediately for massive, positive shifts in your business revenue and staff productivity and retention. 


Here’s what you’ll learn in this FREE webinar: 

The exact process I use to communicate what is needed and wanted from my staff so I spend less time managing them and dealing with that recurring frustration

The Reward System I've implemented in my practice to motivate and retain my staff allowing me to focus more of my time treating patients

A needed and wanted patient service with unprecedented and predictable outcomes that creates an additional stream of CASH revenue and eliminates reliance on insurance companies

PLUS, as an added bonus for staying through the end of the webinar, my Director of Marketing, Nicole, will enlighten you on how my practice generates over 100 new doctor referral sources each and every year! 

Hosted by Anthony Urbanek, DDS, MS, MD

Dr. Urbanek is a double degree Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon.

He received his dental degree from Indiana University, his medical degree from Vanderbilt University, and he is board certified by the American Board of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery.

Using 3 important systems, Dr. Urbanek has added over 500 new professional referral sources in the past five years and over 1000 new patient referrals per year. 

You can learn and apply the exact systems and processes he uses to grow your practice in our upcoming webinar. 

My Story (How I Got Here)

As a young Oral Surgeon I was very busy, too busy, promoting my practice and doing the surgery.  I hired staff and told them what I needed them to do and then got busy with my own work.  Invariably, things never got done the way I wanted them done and to add insult to injury, staff members would bring me all of their problems executing my instructions.  Then there were all the problems with staff bickering among themselves and expecting me to solve their disputes. Following this staff members were either fired or quit with hard feelings all around, including mine.  This was my practice scene for several years. A merry-go-round of staff difficulties that never seemed to end.   

 Finally, I decided to take responsibility for this recurring situation and find a solution for the problem.  You see, I always believed that all problems have a solution.  If you can’t find the solution, you are either looking in the wrong place, or asking the wrong questions.  As you will find out, this attitude allowed me to permanently solve the problem of staff compliance and retention. Once I had a stable and reliable staff, I was able to find and create the vehicle that gave my practice a dramatic edge on the competition while providing a never-ending patient flow.

I now want to share these simple but profound solutions with you, my dental colleagues to give you the tools to grow your practice as well.

Ready to take the next step towards having a more productive staff, growing your practice and increasing your revenue?

WATCH NOW: The Systems You Need Today to Grow Your Practice


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